Why Blog?

A simple yet significant title by itself. Why am I here? Blogging, of course !! But why, me??   Was I not a blogger earlier and a few times at that, but who admittedly, never gave it a purpose and a direction to stick around.

Putting these self admonishments of my failed trysts as a blogger behind me, I would like to lucidly explain why I am back here to use this creative medium.

I would like to present this blog as my adda wherein I could just let out. I will rant or glorify  someone or something as would be the choice of my verbatim.

Apart from experiencing the various shades of my moods, you will also get a taste of my interests … what keeps me going, sustains this less than ordinary individual  in this unique world of  more than just interesting people.

I could be writing about people I meet, events I attend, activities I undertake … ideas may germinate anywhere, even when I may be on the pot or striking a conversation with you … who knows 😛

So here I am,  to pride myself to an existence for the good  as a blogger, starting from a day I was born in – 10th, albeit in a different month.

So yes, do visit me sometimes, and do write in your thoughts on my posts as they come up. ^_^